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WordPress Security Tips To Protect Your Website

This blog post will provide you with some WordPress security tips and advice to help you secure your website and keep it safe from hackers. Is WordPress Secure? The first question you’re probably asking yourself is WordPress secure? The simple answer is yes, however a lot of websites get hacked due to the fact that people don’t keep their website up to date, or the themes and plugins are not up to date or they use easy to guess passwords. The list can go on the reality is WordPress needs to be managed, maintained and secured you cannot install it and forget about with the hope that it will take care of itself. Update WordPress With any new release, WordPress gets improved and its security is improved too. Various bugs and vulnerabilities are fixed each time a new version of the content management system is released. If a serious security issue is found in WordPress the developers normally resolve the issue really fast and push out the update to all the websites affected which is another reason why you need to ensure you keep an eye on your website and update it to the latest, stable and secure version. Updating… Read More »WordPress Security Tips To Protect Your Website