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Best WordPress Cache Plugins

What is Website caching When a visitor requests a page from your website it will ask for the information about that page from the MYSQL database which WordPress uses to store pages, posts and much more. The process of requesting the pages, posts from the MYSQL database can take time and can slow down the website. This is where caching comes in. The Caching plugin allows your website to generate cached versions or complete HTML versions of your website which means the website no longer needs to access the MYSQL database every time a visitor accesses a page instead it serves the page to the visitor from the cache stored on the server disk which makes the website load a lot faster and therefore provides the website visitor with a better user experience Why Should you Use a WordPress caching plugin? Without a WordPress caching plugin, requests for every element of your website need to be requested from the MYSQL database which can really slow a website down so caching is a great way to speed up your website to provide your website visitors with the best experience. A caching plugin offers the following benefits Speed up your website Improve… Read More »Best WordPress Cache Plugins